MENU NEW GAME+ presents a series of menus for games that do not exist.

MENU NEW GAME+ is interactive, magical realist fiction.

Playing MNG+:

There is no menu for MNG+. In order to explore the above imaginary games through their menus, you must simply click the 'new game' button. MNG+ will take you quite literally and give you a whole new game.

To quit: press 'quit game' from a given menu, or press 'esc' at any time.

Note that browser version might be slow depending on your internet connection! Try one of the downloadable packages.



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heh, quitting game chrashes it, lol


I'm not sure if I'd want to play 8 Tons Of Oxygen for real, but I'd certainly want to watch someone else's playthrough with edits and commentary to explain the story.

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8 Tones of Oxygen sounds like an awesome game though tbh


That was very unique ! at first, I thought there would be some hidden story/lore in the patch notes of each that will make them interconnected (that could be a lead)

But each menu has its own ambience and really is well crafted ! Thanks for sharing it :)


That's pretty inspiring

it could be great to play to the Jitterbug one, with the Peon Caravan's music with a Late capitalist anxiety wallower AI!


This is so fun - I'm OBSESSED! I think it's really interesting that gamers can get nostalgic just for the visuals and music of an opening menu (it's all about the promise of what's to come I think); it's amazing how fleshed out each of these games seemed in my head based solely on the menus. The art and music are gorgeous and so distinct for each one. Such a unique little concept piece! 

thanks for the kind words!


This is awesome and surprisingly fun. Gives a different look onto game menus and appreciate them more. Something about this never existing, fake lost media is so interesting to only guess about from it's menu alone.

I'm really confused, it's just ... a menu simulator?
It's interesting tho. Even if its only a menu simulator, whats the water for? and a player/AI selection or wait... it is also from menu simulation.? I guess. Anyway whats the use of it?

to make it sure, this is not a criticism, I do like this... simulator?

it's like, coat hooks for your imagination, if your imagination was a coat~


This was an excellent little experience. I love how much each menu has a very defined sense of background and identity, and the subtle little jokes and barbs at different archetypes of game design made me laugh a bunch. Speaking of which, how are those peon caravan patch notes being generated?


Thanks for the post! 

the patch notes: I scraped as many colony building game patch notes that I could, which mostly ended up being Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld with a bit of other stuff sprinkled in. Then I cleaned them a bit and trained a neural network (GPT-2) to output individual patchnotes for Peon Caravan. It's not outputting or training 'live,' though-- it would require way too much power. I just output thousands and thousands of them into Unity.


could you make the sleeping game *~` R E A L `~


I crashed MNG+ by quitting one of the games. :-(

for the web version or the downloadable? let me know which one and I'll look into it 


Web version. I think it’s just the browser doesn’t know what to do with a terminated Unity application. And it’s only if I choose to quit, so it’s not like I was expecting it to continue.


Wow, that's just unique. Every time I see a new menu I feel like I want to play this game.


Great piece of art! Thrilling artwork and funny concepts, quite hellish at times. Overjoyed to see other comments too, keep going !!

really glad this project is making some people smile! thanks for the support

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oh there you are wrong, hideckies. the game has always already started.

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Wow, this is a very cool Game! I myself have also been thinking about the possibility of making imaginary games. There’s this very interesting one (especially level 8), that really got me thinking. All of them were very interesting in their own way, but I especially loved the idea of Peon Caravan, it’s almost a game idea generator, lovely!

Great job =)


Glad you liked it :)

And thanks for the link! That's really great, and approaches things from a totally different direction than what I'm doing here.

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Loved it!!! I found a bug in JITTERBUG: I unplugged my monitor but resolution won’t change

Edit: The changelog entries on the last game are a work of art. And seem to be a lot of them!

Great job!!

write me your address, will send floppy disks with new VGA drivers ASAP

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It's not a game, But its definitely a work of art.  My favorite is JITTERBUG man the visuals is just amazing.


thank you! though I do think it's a game FWIW :o

Yeah you're probably right. Since its a menu and the goal is just to basically switch to different menus/games. I really want to play one of these fr someday, Great concept of concepts!


Doing menus is the last thing i think about when making games.

I guess we are very different people


Why does this exist.


Really nice concept of Concepts =P

"concept art"

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I love this concept! 

I would pay lots of $$$ for this game if it had more menu screens.

IDK if I would actually play the games. The concept of the games are way more interesting than the conceivable game-play. 


thanks for the kind words!

not sure that I would play the games either, but I am working on another menu :)

absolutely brilliant, magnificent art. 100% best game on

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

this is so well done that i want to play all of these games for real!!

would love to make them someday.

(Empires of Idleness is at the top of the list)


love the body pillow option! XD